Application Form

Application should be made at least three months before half term or school holiday before you wish to take the trip. Pages one and two for parents/guardian and page three to be completed by school. Please mark as appropriate

Please read through the General Terms and Agreements webpage carefully before proceeding with the below form.

Parents/Guardian: I hereby sign-­up my child/(ren) to Corporate Kids services 



FOR SCHOOL: I hereby apply for admission of my school

School (Organisation):

Sessions of Enrolment:

Services Required:


By signing this form, the school, parent/guardian accepts that the legal relationship between the pupil/student, the school, parent (guardian) and Corporate Kids (CK) is governed by the general terms and conditions printed overleaf which school, s/he confirms that school, s/he has fully read and understood. Applications are valid only upon confirmation in writing to the pupil/student’s parent guardian. CK will only confirm an application once it is in receipt of the signed application form and the signed general terms and conditions as well as a deposit. Even where the above conditions are met, CK may, in its absolute discretion, accept or refuse the application, e.g. if we are full.

Payment may be made by bank transfers detail will be provided upon receipt of form. The person signing the application form and the general terms and conditions represents and warrants that s/he has school/ parental authority over the pupil(s)/student(s) and has full power to register the group/students. In the event of inappropriate use, the person signing the contractual documents shall be held personally liable to CK.

The agreement entered into between CK and the parent/guardian shall be governed exclusively by English Law.

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