Education Advice

Our team of Educators also provide services which further open horizons to young people.

Such services include;

  • Appropriate advice to parents who are seeking schools in the UK for their children
  • Suitable UK university recruitment advice for youths
  • Bespoke teacher training to schools
Training and Delivery for Teachers

Schools requirements are assessed and training is tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual schools and specific subject areae. These training aspects are delivered over a mutual beneficial period to enable feedback and the successful application of skills and methodologies acquired.

All training provided is stringently tracked for success analysis

Some examples of specific training modules delivered include:

  • Learning and application
  • Lesson preparation and learning styles
  • Lesson delivery incorporating Blooms Taxonomy
  • Assessment, homework and APP
  • Target attainment and intervention strategies
  • Assessment, homework and APP replaced with Curriculum planning and Exam Preparation
  • Target attainment and intervention strategies replaced with Data Analysis, Achievable Targets
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service.