In General

An agreement is herewith entered into between the school, the parent/guardian,pupil/student/staff (staff from the signed-up school) and Corporate Kids (CK), a UK limited company, with regard to the pupil/student’s participation in the school and holiday excursion trips in the UK and Europe.

CK’s services are subject exclusively to the terms of the application form and of these general terms and conditions. Any agreement supplementing or amending these documents (including this clause) must be in writing and receive CK’s expressed approval.

If any clause of the application form or of these general terms and conditions should be partially or wholly invalid, it shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the clauses. The parties undertake to immediately replace any provision that is partially or wholly invalid with a clause that most closely approximates the intention of the invalid clause.

The requirement of « written form » in these general terms and conditions is deemed met, in particular, when correspondence is faxed or scanned and emailed as an attachment, providing such correspondence contains the parties’ signatures.

Cost and Conditions

The fee for a week session is dependent on the package and activities chosen, this information will be sent by email, per pupil/student per session. The fee must be paid in Pounds Sterling. This fee includes full board, sports and leisure activities (including equipment), excursions as well as staff, accommodation, meals and local transport. The fee does not cover personal expenses, insurance premiums, extra activities and any medical treatment.

A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of £1500 per school package/session and £350 per pupil/student (parents/guardian) must be paid when the application is sub- mitted. The final balance of the trip fee and any extra costs for services not included in the fee must be paid to CK by date stipulated on invoice. The balance shall become due upon confirmation of the application by CK. In case of a delay in payment, CK shall be entitled to refuse admission of the pupil/student to the trip without prejudice to any of its other rights.

Cancellations – Non-refund of deposits and payments

If the student/pupil and/or the parent/guardian/school cancels a session (before or during the trip), CK shall be entitled to keep any and all deposits and payments by way of compensation regardless of the reason for cancellation (including force majeure). In the event of the Trip (or certain sports or activities) being cancelled by CK before or during the session for reasons for which CK is not responsible (e.g. force majeure), the risk shall be assumed by the Student/pupil and the parent/guardian/School and CK shall likewise be entitled to keep any and all deposits and payments.

Behaviour – Dismissals

Pupils/students/staff  must conduct themselves in a correct manner and abide by disciplinary rules and the CK’s regulations. Pupils/students are strictly forbidden from smoking or drinking alcohol. CK reserves the right to dismiss any pupil/student/staff it deems unfavorable to the smooth running of the activities. In the event of dismissal, CK is entitled to keep any and all deposits and payments made by way of compensation. Any additional costs incurred as a result of dismissal shall be borne by the pupil/student/staff and his/her parents/guardians/school.


The student/pupil and staff accompanying school students/pupil is required to have the following insurance with cover for UK/Europe: health and accident insurance, liability insurance. It is strongly recommended the student/pupil/staff takes out insurance against cancellation and repatriation insurance.

Duty to Inform

The parent/guardian/school who signs the application form must inform CK of any health issues the student/pupil may have (e.g. allergies or intolerance to food or another substance), in writing before the students/pupils arrival.

Responsibility – Waiver

CK shall take responsibility for the pupils/students on arrival at airport, during the packaged excursion tour (9am-5pm, except agreed otherwise) designed by CK until the last day of the tour, as indicated on the excursion package. Activities after time indicated above will be incur an out of hours charges (for staffed school excursion trips only). CK will not take responsible for activities agreed without CK staff. School shall be fully responsible.

CK excludes all liability for any force majeure event beyond its control which forces it to cancel a session or certain activities, e.g. war, act of terrorism, natural disaster, catastrophic weather conditions, epidemic, strike, airport closure, political instability, accident or interruption in methods of transportation, fire, conduct on the part of third party companies and entities, etc.