The best teacher is Experience, and our trips with a twist of culture, education and adventure are designed to take our Corporate Kids beyond the home and classroom.

We aim to organise several overseas trips so pupils will benefit from an expanse of culture and awareness in an ever increasingly competitive world.

Have you considered:
  • Experiencing the different sides of Europe by visiting both traditional village and modern city sites
  • Encouraging pupils to learn French and Spanish through practical lessons such as visiting local schools where English is rarely spoken hence requiring the need to practise their classroom skills

At Corporate Kids we offer a flexible and holistic approach in the classroom, we adapt lessons to meet any groups’ specific study objectives or criteria, as well as catering for the different ages, nationalities and abilities of the students.

Our Corporate Kids trips to France and Spain have been carefully selected with culture, education and fun in mind; with an array of exciting activities right on our doorstep, including perfumeries, distillation industries, helicopter flights, mountaineering, beaches, crags and caves. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers and tour guides are selected so we can offer the best and most fulfilling activities. We deliver excellent activity programmes available to schools, youth groups and parents at competitive prices. We have a great choice of adventure trips to suit primary school children aged 7-11 and secondary school pupils all the way through to sixth form groups and colleges.

The benefits from our Corporate Kids programme are vast, measurable and palpable.

They range from a marked improvement in students’ confidence as learners,  greater appreciation of the world, wider application of knowledge and experience gained, overall more wholesomely learned young people.