Through our travel partners and local trip organisers, we can offer our Corporate Kids a robust travel package that covers a multitude of cultures, languages and subject areas. So whether it’s a tour of Cannes, a Spanish group visit to Barcelona, or a field trip to Normandy, we have plenty to offer Corporate Kids within France and Spain.

European package options include:
  • Guided tours
  • Visits to historical and famous places
  • Language classes
  • Activities & entertainment
  • Transport (from start to finish)
  • Chocolate making factories
  • Glass-making presentation/workshop
  • Polo lessons provided by a renowned polo expert
Community Projects & Cultural Awareness

For those schools and groups looking to go further afield then we have more to offer!

Kenya, Morocco and South Africa are 3 countries rich in culture and history, whilst at the same time have very poor and deprived areas and communities. We have established links with partners in both these countries and are able to offer visiting students an enriching, eye-opening and rewarding travel experience that is sure to open minds and hearts. We will work with you to organise a link between your school/group with a partner school or community in Kenya, Morocco and/or South Africa long before you are due to visit. This will help establish the focus of your project and give your students an end goal, resulting in the trip itself.